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Frequently Asked Questions

AIPEX is a fully automated trading system that prospects new leads from NASDAQ every night; then manages them, trying to acquire those trades during market hours.
Today, AIPEX is offered as a “signal service” where trade alerts are delivered to the subscribing audience in real time. Just as a trade is made, the signal is sent to the AIPEX “web portal” [this website] for subscribers to see. See here: How it works
AIPEX is fully market neutral (long & short), enabling it to profit from rising or falling markets.
AIPEX was launched to trade the stock market to start; and, in particular, very high-liquidity ECN’s only (i.e. no penny stocks, as we could never predict or even hope for a “fair” transaction window from OTC markets).
With this in mind, we started trading NASDAQ and we’ll eventually add on other large stock exchanges like NYSE, JPX, SSE, SEHK, Euronext, LSE, SZSE, TSX, BSE, NSE, ASX, and KRX, once AIPEX execution is streamlined.
Later, we’ll add Options, Futures, Bonds and Currencies – but first thing’s first, a consistently rising NAV and a narrow drawdown!
We just got off the ground:
AIPEX is 10 years in the making, but we’ve just begun to show our A.I. to the world after gaining enough confidence to point to our stats with pride and transparency.

That’s not to say we’re “killing it” – not quite yet – we have to boost our win/loss “multiplier” (average win size divided by average loss size) because at the moment we’re not near the 140% we’re aiming for.

Even if we drop our win ratio to 51%, having a decent win/loss multiplier will result in a consistently profitable portfolio. And that’s what everyone likes in the end!

The future goal is to let everyone write their own trading algorithms with our proprietary pseudo-code.

The platform allows you to write your own trading logic with zero programming chops.  We have a totally unique slant on quantitative programming (if you can call it that), and the patent for AIPEX algorithmic design is currently in the works.

Basically, if you’ve ever played with spreadsheet formulas, you can figure out how to “code” AIPEX in a few minutes.  It lends itself to something called “POMDP” [Partially Observable Markov Decision Processing] – it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Having said that – yes, we are planning on graduating the signal service through a number of stages to finally allow people to use the pseudo-coding platform for their own logic. Part of the reason for the subscriptions, is to help us fund expansion into hosting and executing [encrypted] algorithms for everyone, personally.

The lowest hanging fruit we could muster – at this point – is the quick launch of a “signal service” that allows people to follow along and cherry pick from what we’re trading. See here: How it works
Of course, we can not offer advice and all trading comes with significant risk (please see our disclaimers on the AIPEX website, to understand why it may be difficult to always match our returns).
We aim to move the signal service through a number of stages to finally allow people to connect AIPEX to trade their own account. Part of the reason for the subscriptions, is to help us fund expansion into hosted trade execution, permitting you to benefit from AIPEX A.I. while sitting at your desk, monitoring trade signals and your portfolio standing, while you work.
AIPEX is currently running in a “lab”.
At the moment we have a small farm of 15 computers trading a current capacity of 120 symbols at once. We are expecting to boost this capacity to 300 symbols within the next few months.
The systems run through tens of thousands of formulas per symbol per quarter-second. The algorithms are written to glean predictive analytical sentiment for each trade, determining the probability of a directional change at that instant; then, acting on it.
We’re aiming for 3,000 symbols trading on all markets, worldwide. And again, funding this goal is part of the reason for offering this signal subscription service, today.
AIPEX is offered as a Freemium service.
You are welcome to sign up for nightly “FREE Updates” which will allow you to see all the trades made during the day, after the market closes. You’ll see the portfolio stats, too.
For $300/year [the best value], the “All-In” signal subscription will let you see the trades as they happen, along with the Portfolio activity and all Trade History and Stats for the month, updated live.  The nightly Prospect list is provided for you by 8:30am the next morning, ready for you to evaluate in the pre-market.
Along with any subscription, you’ll receive a 2-week trial of the All-In package and no C/C is required up front, only when you actually subscribe; even then, your card is not charged until your second 2-week All-In trial is complete.  See here: subscriptions